15 Firefox hacks to Pimp up Google Reader

Google Reader is enough power tool to read and manage your RSS subscriptions on-line. But it also can be improved to provide additional functionality with help you be more productivity with Reader. Library clips gives 15 receipts to pimp up the Google Reader. Those receipts are based on Firefox and Greasemonkey – tool which allows to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. So, if you’re IE or Opera fan they definitely are not for you. The most interesting IMHO Google Reader + Twitter, Google Reader + del.icio.us, Google Reader’s BlogThis2Me and Integrate Google Reader with Gmail. So, feel free to grub appropriate hack for you!

P. S. I found very annoying POP-up snap-shot adds on the Library clips. I understand that the blog should work for money as well but it’s very difficult to read articles when those dummy POP-ups appear for every link.

Mister Tipster

Mister Tipster
Mister Tipster is an another way to read RSS:

The small, stylish display unit allows users to keep current on all the latest headlines, financial news, weather reports, sports scores, blog updates and even jokes – all without taking space away from the spreadsheet, document, browser or game on their computer screen.

Mister Tipster has monochrome LCD display and needs open USB port and Internet connection to bring RSS. The device is $150. Maybe I missed something but you can add another $150 and buy Nokia770 which is much power and useful than this old-style gadget.

[via eHomeUpgrade]