Face lift of K-Cineplex site

Finally K-Cineplex got a new web site design. It was very annoying to watch every time stupid flash intro. But the link to skip it was placed inside the flash. So, in any case you should wait for the its loading. The new design looks a bit unusual (for sure, it’s a new) but professionally. It isn’t fully web 2.0 but very near.

P. S. I use K-Cineplex site to see what movies are played currently and what are coming soon. The quality of picture and sound is definitely much better in the Rio Cinema and Othello.

Visit to Agios Neofytos Monastery

Agios Neofitos

Last Sunday Maria and I visited Agios Neofytos Monastery. This amazing place is situated near to Pafos by direction to Polis. The monastery was built in the cave and later it was painted by the finest Byzantine frescoes of the 12th and 15th centuries. We took a few photos and you can see them here. But it definitely will be better to visit this place.

Armin Van Buuren again on Cyprus!


Yesterday Maria and I were in the club Pavilion in Nicosia where the DJ number TWO – Armin Van Buuren played his live mix. It was really amazing – the club, the sound, the laser performance, the absolutely crazy people around and, of course, Armin’s mix!
Armin came to Cyprus second time this year. The first time was on 2d June.
So, Armin started his mix at 1:45. There was an another DJ who played really boring and annoying music. But Armin … Armin is the best! So, we had a good time!

We came back!

After good, two-week vacation in rainy St Petersbug we came back to sunny Cyprus. Our cat was glad to see us. She mewed at least one hour at night under our bedroom door. A hard drive in my work computer died with 80GB of data. Well, some part of it was a garbage. But for the rest I have to find a way to restore it (I know, backup is a panacea for this kind of problems but I didn’t do it). So, I’m working now on Windows PC and waiting for a new hard drive. And finally, after the nice rest I have to resolve a bunch of problems which accumulated during my vacation. I work just a second day but I’m already tired! Vacation …
Vacation was fantastic. We were in the Russian Museum, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Theatre of Comedy. We walked on the Nevsky Prospect, The Fontanka street … We took a lot of pictures (I need a time to process them). But not so much as in our previous visit. Also, I’ve decided to review and move all our photos to the Flickr. It takes some time but I think that it’s the best way to store and share our photos. I hope that I do it soon.